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Why tungsten rings

Value of Tungsten Carbide
Our tungsten --value of gold
tungsten gold--materials of outer space,kind of precious metals 
tungsten gold--in people's mind,meaning that forever belief and tough willpower
core values of tungsten gold--no abrasion as love for lifetime;Choose by yourself

Extreme Technology
Tungsten facts
Tungsten Magnum wedding rings are the only wedding rings that have been made to last a lifetime.These wedding bands are guaranteed not to scratch and to hold the original tungsten magnum finish for life.
There are three main specialty metals being sold today in the jewelry industry.These metals are titanium, stainless steel & tungsten carbide.Of these metals, only tungsten carbide can be classified as a true innovative breakthrough in the jewelry industry.The main advantage that tungsten carbide holds over these other metals is that it’s virtually impossible to scratch.Also, tungsten carbide is a much heavier and denser metal, it’s also more expensive.
Like gold, silver and platinum, tungsten is an element #74.Tungsten is not man made but comes from nature.Tungsten is one of the main elements we have used in the development of our civilization.Without tungsten, we would not have the incandescent light bulb.The tungsten filament used inside these bulbshas the toughness and resilience that no other metal has.In 1922 the Germans developed tungsten carbide as the material used in making better cutting tool bits for precision milling and for the cutting of steel parts.

*Tungsten carbide is 5 times stronger than steel

*Tungsten carbide is 20 times stronger than aluminum
*Tungsten carbide is 150 times stronger than plastic
Tungsten has the highest metlting point of all the elements.It melts at 3,420 degrees centigrade or 6,700 degrees fahrenheit and boils at 5,700 degrees centigrade or 10,300 degrees fahrenheit.What this means in layman terms is that on the surface of the sun, tungsten would become liquid, but if you dropped a piece of tungsten from outer space, it would enter the earth’s atmosphere glowing to red and land on the earth in one solid piece.

The manufacturing process

Why is tungsten jewelry more expensive than other specialty metals?In order to manufacture a perfectly crafted piece of tungsten magnum jewelry, it takes the skill and knowledge that only a handful of companies have mastered.It cannot becarved from a wax or simply machined from metal tubing.To make a ring that is virtually indestructible, tungsten is processed with carbon and ground into powder.The mixed metal powder is then compressed into high pressure molds, at extremely high temperatures, to form a ring (a new mold needs to be made for each finger size).The ring is then fired in an oxygen-free oven at an astounding 2400 degrees.The ring now has to be ground, cut and shaped using very expensive diamond tooling.This process is similar to the one used in cutting and polishing of rough diamonds.The result is a solid metal of extraordinary hardness and durability.

Caring for your tungsten jewelry

Tungsten magnum jewelry requires very little care.Any soft cloth will bring out the original bright finish on these rings.Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals and do not leave in ultrasonic cleaners for more than two minutes

Why Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are a popular jewelry item that both men and women purchase to wear as a fashion piece or wedding band.

Tungsten rings are gaining popularity being used as wedding bands and promise rings for both men and women. tungsten rings are the right choice for anyone searching for a wedding band. 

Tungsten rings are getting popular as compared to gold rings because of their economical cost and great looks than gold. 

Tungsten rings are really strong and that's why do not get easily scratched, so you can use tungsten rings in varying environmental situations too. In addition to these advantages,the appearance of tungsten rings is trendy and also available in different finishes.

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